Contributing Authors

Clay Jackson

Clay A. Jackson, Esq., is the President and Chief Legal Officer and one of the Founders of Affinity Group Administrators, in Folsom, California. Affinity is the manager of several Self Insured Groups and has been selected to manage a couple which filed out of their predicament. Clay has been active in the ongoing formation and operation of five (5) self-insured groups at Affinity.  He is…   Read More »

Colin Baird

Colin D. Baird is a senior lean sigma consultant who also has 27 years experience improving workers compensation programs. He is a licensed agent with a large brokerage firm in Southern California. He also provides operational consulting through LSI Consulting LLC.   Read More »

J Dale Debber

Dale is the father of Compline, the publisher of Workers' Comp Executive, Cal-OSHA Reporter and our other publications and sites. He is an award-winning investigative journalist although there are those he's written about who may not be so polite.  He left the journalism side a couple times to direct six statewide political campaigns. He is called upon by legislators and regulators for his workers' comp…   Read More »

Mark Webb

Mark E. Webb, Esq., is Vice President/General Counsel of Pacific Compensation Insurance Company, a A-Rated California writer of workers’ compensation. Mr. Webb was appointed General Counsel in October, 2012. He also serves as Chief Compliance Officer and is primarily responsible for PacificComp’s advocacy program before the California Legislature, state regulatory agencies, and in Washington, D.C. Prior to joining PacificComp, he was Assistant General Counsel/State Relations for…   Read More »